Westmont Competitive
Programming Club

Meetings Every Friday During Lunch in Room 61

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What is Competitive Programming?

Competitive programming is an activity where participants compete to solve challenging problems using the most efficient algorithms within an allotted time window. Students familiar with competitive programming will be able to ace programming interviews at companies like Microsoft and Google.

Why Join WCPC?

  • Are you trying to get to the next level of Competitive Programming?
  • Do you need buddies to train with?
  • Maybe you are stuck on a problem you can’t solve and need some help.
  • Are you interested in learning new algorithms?

Our club can help you with all of the challenges!
Here are some of our club's achievements -

  • Our members are on the leaderboards for notable contests like the University of Central Florida’s High School Programming Tournament and the Harker Programming Invitational.
  • Our members compete in various levels of USACO from Bronze to Platinum.

How to join WCPC?

All Westmont students are welcome to join our club! No prior experience is needed! We provide all the training. Fill out the interest form to Join

Coming Next Spring
WCPC 2023 High School Programming Contest!

Are you looking for a contest to put your competitive programming skills to the test? The upcoming WCPC 2023 Contest is open to all high school students in the US and will be offered at both Novice and Advanced levels. Join our mailing list to receive updates and register for the contest.